Communism has never existed.

No country in the world—in all of history—has ever been truly communist. Not a single country has ever achieved full, complete, 100% communism.

And the reason is because communism is so absolutely terrible that every single country that tries to implement it—fails before it can ever even get there.

Honorable Mentions

The Most Patriotic People in the US.

Every person that has lived in a “communist” country and experienced capitalism is completely against it.

Cubans and Vietnamese are prime examples. They absolutely despise communism and are some of the most patriotic citizens in the US. Even more patriotic than US born citizens, sadly—because US born citizens have taken for granted the freedom and rights they have. It is so normal to them they believe the rest of the world is just like the US…they’re in for a rude awakening.

China Is Not A Communist Country

China is a joke. China is not a communist country. It pretends to be communist socially, but economically, it steals from capitalism to create an economy that is able to actually support and sustain itself. So…of course…it can play it’s little fun game of pretending to be communist.

But only partially, of course, because if it implemented communism completely, China would come crashing down. It’d fall apart—it’d be in shambles.

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