People don’t know what good is.

People don’t know what good looks like.

  • Men don’t know what a good wife looks like
  • Women don’t know what a good husband looks like
  • Parents don’t know what good kids look like
  • Kids don’t know what good parents look like
  • People don’t know what a good friend looks like
  • People don’t know what a trustworthy person looks like
  • People don’t know what a good person looks like

Ask any unbeliever and they’ll tell you they’re a good person. They’ll say they’re loving, caring and kind. People don’t know what good is. They have no idea what true good actually is.

In a world of evil, it’s no wonder.

Society’s “good” is subjective.

People believe they’re good because their idea of good is based off of society. It’s relative.

Their idea of good is based on a corrupt and evil society. As a result, their idea of “good” and evil is really just less evil or more evil. So, their standard for “good” is evil.

The difference is they don’t consider themselves, AS evil as the other person. So, they see themselves as above that other person, better then them, less evil…good. And that means they’re good, of course, a good person.

They go, “Well I’m not evil like them. So, that must mean I’m good!”

When in reality, the answer is they aren’t AS evil as them—but that doesn’t make them good. They are still evil—just not AS evil as them.

True good is objective, founded on God.

We know, in God’s eyes, all evil is evil. All sin is sin. It does not matter. They are all counted as evil. They are all punished the same way, by death.

God knows. Jesus Christ knows. The Holy Spirit knows.

And therefore, true Christians know because the Holy Spirit resides in them. God is with them. Jesus Christ is in them and them in Jesus Christ. They know what good looks like.

And we can know what good looks like because we base good off of God. The ultimate and only true Good. We have our idea of good founded and based on the very creator of all things good. Good Himself.

Therefore, we can know and see that those things which worldly people call “good” are evil. We can see right through it because our standard is based on God, not on men.

And God does not change either.

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