Have you no faith?

I may have just snapped the tendon in my knee…

And it brings me to this idea…

Others would immediately start praying and crying out to God, “Oh please! Please God! Heal my knee!” But…

No. If God did not intend for my knee to be injured then it wouldn’t be injured.

Do you think God is so weak that He cannot protect you from injury and sickness?

There is always a reason.

There is a reason. If He has let you become sick, there is a reason. If He has let you become injured, there is a reason. It can be judgement, it can be a punishment, it can be chastisement, it can be a lesson. It can also be exactly what He needs of you. Whatever it is, there is a reason.

For example, some people don’t stop moving and getting up… but He needs them to stop moving and sit down. So… He’ll break your leg. He’ll snap the ligament in your knee…

Just to get you to sit down. So, He can bring to pass the great and good things that He will.

Sometimes, among the stubborn ones that He loves, He has no choice but to force it. Because it will not come to pass any other way.

Sometimes He needs a miracle.

And sometimes… He needs a miracle, and you’re His miracle. Like the blind man who was blind for no reason other than for Jesus Christ to come by and heal His blindness. For the sole purpose of a miracle. And a miracle… needs faith. And maybe you’ve got the faith… for His miracle.

I tear a ligament… I’m not concerned. God’s got a purpose.

They never even knew God to begin with.

And some people, well, they never even knew God to begin with. So, they have no protection from God. God can’t protect them because they never accepted Him into their lives in the first place.

Pray for their salvation.

In their case, instead of praying for the healing of their sickness or injury—instead pray for their salvation.

Pray for the softening of their heart…the opening of their mind…the hearing of their ears and the sight of their eyes…

That’s more important than whatever sickness and injury they have.

I find a lot of prayers stupid.

And now I realize why I find it so stupid… When people pray for things—I often find it very dumb. People pray for worldly things. They pray superficially. They pray blindly, unaware, ignorantly.

People pray to God for things… Not for Him.

They don’t speak with God. They speak to Him.

They don’t ask for His will. They give theirs.

They don’t want God. They want what He’s got to give.

And they pray blindly… they assume that they’re holy and perfect. That they’ve done no wrong and deserve no evil. They experience a bad thing and immediately go to prayer. Not to ask why, but to demand something better. But why’d it happen in the first place?

God could be putting judgement upon you for something—Or you could have opened the door to some sin or evil things in your life, and that’s what caused it. You want God to fix everything; You want no responsibility for any of your actions and decisions—you want God to just fix it all. You want God to remove all the consequences from your life.

Live terribly. Live bad and pray to God for it to be good. That’s what many people do.

Go break a vase in your house and then immediately pray to God to bring it back together and make it whole…

Nooooo! How silly! You broke the vase! You’re praying in vain.

I don’t pray for many people.

Many people online, in person, and all over, ask for prayer. They’ll say, “Pray for me!”

If they want prayer… for some, I’ll join along—But for most, I won’t pray. I don’t like to just pray for people.

If God brought something into their life, that’s God’s will. Do you want me to pray against God? To pray in vain?

What do you think? Am I right? Am I wrong? Are there errors in my thinking? What am I missing? Tell me about it in the comments below, help me refine my thoughts.

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