Wealthy, Successful People Aren’t Invincible.

Many look on at very wealthy and successful people, and believe they’ve got life figured out.

The truth is they don’t. In fact—they may be even worse off than you. They aren’t invincible and they struggle with the same exact things as you. Depression, anger and rage, lack of self esteem, confidence issues, lack of motivation, etc. They fall into ruts and have bad days just like you do.

You just see them at their best all of the time because they know how to present themselves and hide the parts that don’t look too great—And most people know how to do this as well. Everyday, you pass by people who are depressed, lonely, and possibly suicidal and you don’t even know it. We’re all good at hiding it.

It’s one big illusion of happiness and doing well. When in reality, most people aren’t happy, and most people aren’t doing well. Now that’s the truth.

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