Christian Music?

I cannot—knowing the things I know, and seeing the things I’ve seen, and hearing the things I’ve heard.

It is hard for me to listen to “Christian” music in good faith—with a good conscious—knowing what it is behind the scenes.

Maybe I’m just a skeptic…But another part of me says they absolutely love the spotlight.

They love that glory and those high seats. They love being on that stage and being the center of attention…being exalted…being above everyone else…being known by everyone, the fame of it. They get to feel like a celebrity. All in the name of “Jesus.” It’s almost like a niche for music.

Part of me questions if any of their hearts are really in it, or if they just do it for the fame. Or maybe, originally, it was there, but once they tasted the fame, that’s what their goal became, and Jesus was put 2nd.

There are young adults that go on “mission” trips, but they could care less about the mission. They love the idea of getting free trips to travel the world.

“Who wants to go on a mission trip to evangelize people in Portugal?”, the leadership team asks.

“We get to go to Portugal?”, the kids think to themselves.

Their mind isn’t on Jesus Christ and the gospel. It’s on getting to travel to other countries for free. There is no doubt in my mind the same thing applies to “Christian” artists.

It’s not, “I get to spread the gospel and show the love of Christ?”

It’s, “I get to be famous and rack up hundreds of thousands and millions of views? I get tons of followers on social media? I get a supportive following? I get recognized on the streets? I get to perform on stage in front of thousands? And I get to make a bunch of money?”

“Oh… and yeah. Jesus—yeah.”

If you can listen to “Christian” music in good faith, with a good conscious, by all means…but I have a hard time.

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