Wealthy, Successful People Aren’t Invincible.

Many look on at very wealthy and successful people, and believe they’ve got life figured out. The truth is they don’t. In fact—they may be even worse off than you. They aren’t invincible and they struggle with the same exact things as you. Depression, anger and rage, lack

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Communism has never existed.

No country in the world—in all of history—has ever been truly communist. Not a single country has ever achieved full, complete, 100% communism. And the reason is because communism is so absolutely terrible that every single country that tries to implement it—fails before it can ever even get

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People don’t know what good is.

People don’t know what good looks like. Ask any unbeliever and they’ll tell you they’re a good person. They’ll say they’re loving, caring and kind. People don’t know what good is. They have no idea what true good actually is. In a world of evil, it’s no wonder.

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I'm Vicente.

This is where I publish my thoughts on the world….and my portfolio!

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This is where I publish my thoughts on the world…and my portfolio!